Adobe Check expiration of volume or enterprise serial numbers

Run AdobeExpiryCheck tool
Run AdobeExpiryCheck on a local Windows machine
Launch command prompt and run the AdobeExpiryCheck tool.
The tool displays the product licensing identifier, the encrypted serial number, and the expiration date.

Link to Adobe Creative Cloud Software: Adobe Creative Cloud 12-month Plan Subscription

Adobe CC 2018 software release, updates and versions as of this date 2020.01.19

  2. Dreamweaver: August 2019 release ( )
  3. Photoshop: release 19.1.9
  4. Illustrator: release 22.1.0
  5. Lightroom Classic
  6. Adobe Prelude CC 2018: release: 7.1.1

Path and JSON files

  1. Adobe Prelude CC 2018: current Version 7.1.1
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018: current Version 12.1.2
  3. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018: current Version 19.1.9
  4. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: current Version 1186149
  5. Adobe Bridge CC 2018: current Version
  6. Adobe Illustrator CC 2018: current Version 22.1.0
  7. InDesign: current Version
  8. Adobe Animate CC 2018: current Version: 18.0.2
  9. Adobe Character Animator CC 2018:  current Version: 1.5
  10. Adobe Audition CC: current Version: 11.1.0
  11. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018: current Version
  12. Adobe InCopy CC 2018: current Version
  13. Adobe After Effects CC 2018: current Version 15.1.2
  14. ExtendScript Toolkit: current Version ESTK CC
  15. Fuse: current Version 2017.1.0
  16. Adobe Extension Manager CC: current Version
  17. Adobe Flash Builder 4.7: current Version 4.7
  18. Adobe Scout CC: current Version 1.1.3
  19. Adobe Fireworks CS6: current Version
  20. Adobe Extension Manager CS6:  current Version
  21. Acrobat Distiller: current Version.19.021.20058
  22. Adobe Acrobat Pro: current Version 19.021.20058

Paths to files

Adobe Application Paths Adobe CC 2018

/Applications/Adobe\ Prelude\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Prelude\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Lightroom\ Classic\ CC/Adobe\ Lightroom\ Classic\
/Applications/Adobe\ Bridge\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Bridge\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Illustrator\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\
/Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe Animate CC 2018/Adobe Animate CC
/Applications/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Character\ Animator\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Character\ Animator\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Audition\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Audition\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Media\ Encoder\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Media\ Encoder\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ InCopy\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ InCopy\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ ExtendScript\ Toolkit\ CC/ExtendScript\
/Applications/Adobe\ Fuse\ CC\ \(Beta\)/
/Applications/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\ CC/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\
/Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\
/Applications/Adobe\ Scout\
/Applications/Adobe\ Fireworks\ CS6/Adobe\ Fireworks\
/Applications/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\ CS6/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\
/Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ DC/Acrobat\
/Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ DC/Adobe\

Update Adobe Products by command line interface (cli)

Adobe Remote Update Manager provides a command-line interface that you can use to remotely invoke the Adobe Update Manager and install updates with administrative privileges. Therefore you do not need to log in to each client machine to install updates.


Mac OS:

 RemoteUpdateManager --proxyUserName= --proxyPassword= --channelIds= --productVersions= --action= --help