Adobe CC 2018 software release, updates and versions as of this date 2020.01.19

  2. Dreamweaver: August 2019 release ( )
  3. Photoshop: release 19.1.9
  4. Illustrator: release 22.1.0
  5. Lightroom Classic
  6. Adobe Prelude CC 2018: release: 7.1.1

Path and JSON files

  1. Adobe Prelude CC 2018: current Version 7.1.1
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018: current Version 12.1.2
  3. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018: current Version 19.1.9
  4. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: current Version 1186149
  5. Adobe Bridge CC 2018: current Version
  6. Adobe Illustrator CC 2018: current Version 22.1.0
  7. InDesign: current Version
  8. Adobe Animate CC 2018: current Version: 18.0.2
  9. Adobe Character Animator CC 2018:  current Version: 1.5
  10. Adobe Audition CC: current Version: 11.1.0
  11. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018: current Version
  12. Adobe InCopy CC 2018: current Version
  13. Adobe After Effects CC 2018: current Version 15.1.2
  14. ExtendScript Toolkit: current Version ESTK CC
  15. Fuse: current Version 2017.1.0
  16. Adobe Extension Manager CC: current Version
  17. Adobe Flash Builder 4.7: current Version 4.7
  18. Adobe Scout CC: current Version 1.1.3
  19. Adobe Fireworks CS6: current Version
  20. Adobe Extension Manager CS6:  current Version
  21. Acrobat Distiller: current Version.19.021.20058
  22. Adobe Acrobat Pro: current Version 19.021.20058

Paths to files

Adobe Application Paths Adobe CC 2018

/Applications/Adobe\ Prelude\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Prelude\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Lightroom\ Classic\ CC/Adobe\ Lightroom\ Classic\
/Applications/Adobe\ Bridge\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Bridge\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Illustrator\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\
/Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ InDesign\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe Animate CC 2018/Adobe Animate CC
/Applications/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Character\ Animator\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Character\ Animator\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Audition\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Audition\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ Media\ Encoder\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Media\ Encoder\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ InCopy\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ InCopy\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC\
/Applications/Adobe\ ExtendScript\ Toolkit\ CC/ExtendScript\
/Applications/Adobe\ Fuse\ CC\ \(Beta\)/
/Applications/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\ CC/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\
/Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\
/Applications/Adobe\ Scout\
/Applications/Adobe\ Fireworks\ CS6/Adobe\ Fireworks\
/Applications/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\ CS6/Adobe\ Extension\ Manager\
/Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ DC/Acrobat\
/Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ DC/Adobe\

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