DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Osmo Pocket – DJI Pocket Osmo

DJI Osmo Pocket Handheld 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with integrated Camera, Attachable to Smartphone, Android (USB-C), iPhone

DJI Osmo Pocket User Manual
Osmo Pocket User Manual v1.0


Charging Osmo Pocket

To charge Osmo Pocket, connect a USB adapter (not included) to the USB-C port using the provided power cable. The battery is fully charged when the status LED turns off.

The battery level is displayed on the touch screen after powering on Osmo Pocket. Charging time: approx. 1 hour 13 minutes (when using a USB adapter of 5 V/2 A).

The status LED indicates the battery level during charging. Refer to the table below for details.

Blinking Pattern

Blinks green 0-24%
Blinks green twice 25%-49%
Blinks green three times 50%-74%
Blinks green four times 75%-99%
Glows solid green for six seconds and turns off

Battery Level 100%



The DJI Osmo Pocket All Day Filter Kit from Freewell Gear is an excellent choice for professional videographer & Photographer who needs a filter for all situation of the day. It is also the perfect solution for professional cinematographers for getting cinematic aerial footage, with the right balance of contrast and colors.

The DJI Osmo Pocket Filters All Day 8 Pack from Freewell consists of 8 (EIGHT) camera lens filters which are essential for capturing high-quality footage and images in all types of daylight conditions. This pack contains ND (Neutral Density) filters which are helpful in slowing down the shutter speed of the camera by restricting the amount of light entering the camera lens in a gradual manner. The CPL (Circular Polarizer Lens) filter works to prevent unwanted reflections from naturally reflective surfaces outdoors, such as windows, water bodies, and snow, to impair the picture quality. The hybrid filters – ND/PL – incorporate the excellent features of ND and PL filters to give crystal-clear photographs and videos when you film outdoors.

The 5200MAH Action Camera Power Hand Grip from Freewell is:

Osmo Pocket ND4 filter – The ND4 filter for DJI Osmo Pocket from Freewell Gear helps to slow down the shutter speed by 2 f-stops. This is excellent for capturing crystal-clear photographs when the weather is overcast or fairly cloudy, with lower daylight.

Osmo Pocket ND8 filter –The Freewell Gear ND8 filter for DJI Osmo Pocket is designed to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor, which slows down the camera’s shutter speed by 3 f-stops. This is extremely helpful in capturing realistic and sharp images, especially in cloudy daylight conditions.

Osmo Pocket ND16 filter – The DJI Osmo Pocket ND16 filter from Freewell Gear decreases the amount of light entering the camera lens by 4 f-stops. This is helpful in balancing the image perfectly and capturing sharp footage in normal daylight conditions. Apart from slowing down your shutter speed, the ND filters are also effective in avoiding the unwanted ‘jell-o’ effect which is often seen in footages captured without ND filters.

Osmo Pocket ND8/PL filter – The ND8/PL hybrid filter from Freewell Gear is designed to restrict the amount of light entering the camera lens by 3 f-stops. It helps to capture sharp and clearer images even in bright sunny conditions outside. It also helps to prevent unwanted glare from marring the quality of your footage or image.

Osmo Pocket ND16/PL filter – The ND16/PL hybrid filter from Freewell Gear is meant to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor by 4 f-stops. This helps to capture well-balanced and cinematic images in very bright sunlight conditions, especially in the afternoon and early morning. The filter also provides protection from unwanted reflections of windows or water bodies.

Osmo Pocket ND32/PL filter – The ND32/PL filter from Freewell Gear is an excellent way to decrease the camera’s shutter speed by 5 f-stops, thus slowing down the shutter speed effectively. This helps to capture sharp and vividly colorful images, in the brightest sunlit conditions. With this filter, you can also capture the much-desired ‘motion blur’ effect which gives your footages a truly cinematic look, apart from protecting your images against unwanted glare from natural surfaces which reflect light.

Osmo Pocket ND64/PL filter – The Freewell Gear ND64/PL hybrid filter is effective for slowing down the camera shutter speed to its lowest. This is an excellent way to add the ‘motion blur’ effect which we dream about. It is also effective in preventing unwanted reflections from windows, snow, water bodies, etc from spoiling the image quality.

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