Changing OD password by command line

Login to the server running Open Directory and run the following to be prompted to change snoopdog's password sudo passwd -i OpenDirectory -l /LDAPv3/ -u diradmin snoopdog found here: NAME      passwd -- modify a user's password SYNOPSIS      passwd [-i infosystem [-l location]] [-u authname] [user] DESCRIPTION      The passwd … Continue reading Changing OD password by command line

Start Apple Remote Desktop

Sample commands The commands in this article work with Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 and later. Here are commands that you can use: Restart the ARD Agent and helper: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -restart -agent Turn on Remote Desktop Sharing, allow access for all users, and enable the menu extra: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -activate -configure -allowAccessFor -allUsers -privs -all … Continue reading Start Apple Remote Desktop