Open Directory audit log data into Splunk

illustrated Splunk server configuration steps I put Splunk server scripts for dispersing here Splunk >> bin >> scripts sudo nano /Applications/Splunk/bin/scripts/   Script input: #!/bin/bash sudo log stream --level info --style syslog   # trying json sudo log stream --level info --style syslog             Forwarder Management: Settings >> Forwarder management Settings >> … Continue reading Open Directory audit log data into Splunk

Email settings

Email settings Server settings » Email settings Mail Server Settings Mail host: Email security X Enable TLS Google's Gmail Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server settings *** Look for Google blocking Review blocked sign-in attempt and whitelist in google if necessary and you accept the risks! I found toggling this google setting helped achieve whitelist-like … Continue reading Email settings

Login Background Steps Log into the Splunk instance and navigate to Settings > System > Server Settings > Login Background. Select one of the following options. Background option Description Custom image To use a custom background, upload the image file and click Choose. Default image Use the default background image. No image Do not display an … Continue reading Login Background